Gpu clock stuck at 501 mhz on csgo and lol

hello everyone, i have the asus 7970 matrix platinum gpu (3gb), for some reason i get 60-90 fps when playing battlefield on ultra and on games like dead island and advanced warfare as my gpu clock goes to 1100 mhz and stays there. But when i play games like minecraft, lol and csgo i get no more than 501 mhz witch results in low fps (doesnt change when settings are lowered) If anyone and everyone could please post a possible fix then please do as im sick on it not performing to it maximum abilities, regards


Dude we've helped you 3 times now, stop spamming the same content. If you have problems with the advice already posted, bump your old content. 

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To answer your question , try seeing if the GPU is running at full load , as I doubt you got bad FPS in CS:GO , integrated graphics from 3 years ago runs it fine .

i understand this but im unaware on bumping, sorry for the inconvenience i have caused 

thats the problem, it doesnt run at full load but im unsure on how to get it to reach its full load.

Have you tried over / undervolting recently ?


Also , are you sure it's not a CPU bottleneck ?

what changing the gpu voltage or the power limit? i changed the voltage limit higher nut not lower, doesnt make a difference tho. How do i know if its a CPU bottleneck?

Check CPU usage when playing , minecraft is more CPU than GPU .

minecraft only takes up 14% cpu usage when playing 

And what are your FPS in MC / other ( cs:go ) I have the hardware on hand to test to see if it's normal .

MC never runs at very high FPS even on good rigs .

minecraft i get 60 ish and the same goes for csgo and lol, but no matter how low i put the settings it doesnt change the fps. Also the clock speeds stay at 501mhz, but i play dead island, battlefield and other high demanding games and it goes to 1100 mhz and runs like a charm

Is v-sync on? Or minecaft limited to power saver mode?

I get 100+fps easy on minecraft, and my rig isn't exactly top end anymore. 

Yeah , just checked , power saver makes a MASSIVE difference , MC is 60 fps with balanced and 500+ with max fps .

I would check that , otherwise try a DIFFERENT gpu , like a friends . 

LOL and CS:GO aren't exactly graphically demanding titles.

The drivers are most probably not seeing a requirement to take it out of its 2D mode upto the 3D mode.

Due to the way MC/Java renders images anyway it barely touches the GPU. MC image render is entirely dependant upon how fast your CPU is.

how do i check if power saving is on for minecraft? If you mean in general settings for my pc it is already in high performance 

thats what i thought was the problem, my cpu is the amd fx 9370 8 core 4.40 ghz

is vsync on? and yes it should be on high performance. 

One thing you may want to check is if you have any web browser tabs open with video content, especially YouTube. The GPU will raise the clock up to a slightly higher state when playing back some videos and get 'stuck' on those clocks until the tabs are closed. That said, source engine games occasionally get stuck on obscure GPU clock speeds for me and nothing short of a restart will fix it. For instance, my 7950 will get stuck on 880MHZ when NO profile is set to that. Stock is 950mhz being a boost model, and my OC is nearly 1100mhz

That isn't the problem , my 8320 at 3.8ghz + 270x is fine with it .