Gpu choice

So i managed to sell my gtx 680 lightning for the exact same price i bought it. (only reason i sold it.)

but now i dont know if i should buy another 680 or if i should get a 670 or 7970 and cfx or sli im running at 2560x1440 now. sli gtx 680 is bit to far out my price zone.

il taske any suggestions the new 7970 matrix looks nice as does the 7970 lightning. whichever i choose to go with i will be upgrading to multi gpu in the coming months. 

Thanks Jonathan.


I would go with a 7970 lightning. Either that or Sapphires 6gb version. That might be too expensive though. What monitor are you using btw? 

6GB of video card memory?? Only if you use 3 monitors at 2560x1440....

Im using this exact monitor from this exact site ^.^

So... what was wrong with your old GTX680 Lightning??

nothing haha but my mate ofered to buy it from me for exactly what i paid for it i was like meh fine. no loss no gain

 also lets me pay for sli or crossfire

now =S

Well, the new AMD drivers are supposed to give the 7970 an advantage over 680 and 670, but, this is classic leap-frogging, maybe 10fps at most. It really does depend on what games you're playing, BF3 and Borderlands 2 favors Nvidia cards and Metro 2033 favors AMD cards. It's a matter of which card you can get the best deal on.

Well the 7970 is still better clock-for-clock than the GTX 680, meaning that if both cards were clocked to the same speeds, the 7970 would be the better performer. Not to mention that the 7970 has more VRAM, which he is going to need with a resolution like that.

Unless you plan on using a triple-monitor setup, the difference in performance between the 680 and the 7970 is negligible. Get the cheapest one you can find. And go for a non-reference card, as the reference cooler is louder than a vacuum cleaner.

My suggestion:  go to your friends house and demand your 680 Lightning back.

I don't know if you read his first post or not, but he said he sold his GTX 680 for the same amount of money he bought it for. Now he has the money to get two 7970s to put in crossfire or two 670s to put in SLI. Two GTX 680s is out of his reach.

The obvious choice is to get two 7970s. If the performance difference between the 7970 and 680 is so negligible, then why the hell would you get a GTX 680 when the 7970 is about $100 cheaper?

Your logic makes no sense here.

I'm sorry but I can't compare prices because they differ greatly between different countries.

There is about a 4-5% performance difference between the 680 and the 7970 (some games favour AMD, others favour nVidia).

I maintain that he should get the cheapest option between the two. My suggestion from above was that he should have thought ahead and do some research and THEN sell his card. He gained nothing from this whole deal.

I apologize if I offended, that was not my intention.

Not offended but alli i can say is i didnt gain anything thats true i also never lost anything either -.-" so upgrading to sli is now possible.

i think il go for the 7970 solution im just gonna kick my fan boyism in the gut and go with amd i wanna see this shit run for myself then decide if its good or bad haha.

i just dont like the sapphire pcb's they are an ugly blue =/

so ineed to find a nice vendor with nice price the lightning is appealing however the ghz lightning or w/e its called costs the same as a gtx680 as far as ive found so far.

opinions on these two? look ok to me just dont like the HIS pcb

get the xfx one OC with Sapphire Trixx

How did he gain nothing? He's buying two cards instead of one now. He just can't afford two GTX 680s, so two 7970s is going to be the logical choice. I don't know where you're at, but the 7970 is about $100 cheaper in the US.

Don't you have to have a Sapphire card in order to get Sapphire Trixx? Either that or buy it separately?