GPU broken


have anyone ever seen that the controller for the fans on a gpu stopped working ?

i've been cpu mining on my Asus 660ti card "altcoins" and one day i was going to look what the temps where and did see that i was at 99c so i started to look. notice that the was didnt work.
i have a asus 560gtx with the same connecter for the fans so i tried with that and it didnt work so i guess that its on the gpu thats broken

i have orderd a new gpu.
Sapphire Radeon R9 390X Nitro 8GB Tri-X OC Backplate

whats the diffrence to that card and Sapphire Radeon R9 390X 8GB Tri-X OC Backplate
what does the Nitro do?

The Nitro has a diffrent color theme.
Other then that i cant realy tell what the diffrence is.

ok thx. it was sheaper to. 4000SEK to 4400SEK "swedish kr"

The Nitro is basicly the newer version.
Wenn its cheaper, just go with that.

If the gpu is ok and you are sure that its only fan controller dead on graphic card , you could use external power source to power the fan, extend cables and run it off molex 5v or 12v ( depending on the gpu fan specs) , but the rpms would be fixed and you would have no control over them.

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that could work. there is 5 cables but i guess black and yellow is to use.

i have a Corsair 750TX power supply and it says that the 390x has 750w as recommended do you think i can run a 560ti at the same time ? going to use the the 560ti for gpu mining i know it will not give me much but many little things = much in the end

i wouldn`t risk it,I was just stating that you dont have to throw away card because the fan controller broke. If you dont have equipment to measure power consumption dont try to run multiple gpus also older gpus are power hungry , Running psu at its power limit or above it for longer periods of time is not a good idea, ripple and voltages may go beyond safe levels at best.

ok i'll go with only the 390x then thx.

The recommendation might be for the whole system .
The power consumption is 375 watt.You have 750 psu, It all depends on your cpu power consumption. You might have enough power for running both gpus, plus several case fans.
You could buy a something like this
and check the overall power draw of whole pc, substract 20 % loss due to bronze efficiency ,do this for both cards in the same test while making sure cpu is at 100 % usage or very busy at least. Do a power draw cpu intensive test, whithout any gpu benchmark. when you get the numbers than you can consider using multigpu on your psu,Also make sure the psu is not running at its power limit. Leave few % for safe marigin. I cant say anything on having both nvidia gpu and amd gpu in one system, I havent used that kind of setup so I dont know if there are any drivers conflicts.

actually your psu can handle 720 watt power on v12 rail.

i can get one of does power thingis and have a look.
have a Intel 3770k @4.3Ghz and 5 fans in the system.

when i looked before i think my cpu and gpu "nvidia" was drwaing about 250w was some time ago so might be wrong about the numbers i'll have another look at it for sure.

Also remember to connect gpu fan to correct molex voltage, If its 5v fan you dont want it running on 12v.
I forgot to mention that any oc will increase power draw .If manufacturer
s specs are correct thats total of 600 watts on full power I quess, it would leave you with 120 for the rest of pc, but I`m not sure if your psu is suitable for running on maximum amperage.Maybe try asking on mining related forum if that psu use ok to run at its limit.If something goes wrong thent you could loose a lot .