GPU and CPU temps getting pretty high

So i love in the tropics and on a good 'cold' day the ambient temperature is around 30C (minimum) so im aware that things will get hot.

But only recently have iv started to monitor my temperatures very closely and started to fiddle with what could be affecting them. And iv come to the conclusion that its the choice of fans that i bought for my case (intake)

i have a Bitfenix prodigy M case with 2 120mm fans covered by a reasonably thick dust filter on the top blowing directly on to my GPU fans (literally) usually i would get about 65-70C on my GPU and about 60 - 65C on om cpu with a tower cooler. Now when i take my dust filter off so that the 2 fans on the top are exposed i get a stable 62C if not below 60C or 58C on my GPU and about 52 - 56C on my CPU.

When i tested out the airflow with my hand, there is a bit of any air coming through but only on the outer edges, with the dust filter on and when i take it off, there just so much air coming though and filling my case (tested with the fans on highest RPM)

doing some research i discovered that there are typically 2 types of fan (high airflow and high static pressure) and now im thinking that i have got 2 high air flow fans as an intake when i should really be having 2 high static pressure fans such as the SP fans from corsair

Is this correct and would having 2 static pressure fans intead be a better idea to have??

Thanks in advance :)

Is two 120mm fans all you have for an intake? what about the front and side of the case? And can you tell me the model of the fans, or is it a stock fan included with Bitfenix Progigy M case?

Whatever it maybe, yes, static pressure fans perform better in constricted setups like radiators and dust filters because the fan design can dish out more pressure, hence, the name "static pressure".

Yes i have 2 at the top for intake, a 120mm as a rear exhaust and a 120mm as a bottom exhaust. The bottom and rear are included with the case and the top 2 are coolermaster sickle flow and coolermaster blade master LED? not too sure

AH i see. thank you so much! so i should get a couple of corsair SP120s then as intake on the top then?

Check out other static pressure fans first. There are many to choose from like "be quiet!", Noctua, Fractal Design, and CRYORIG. All of these offer designs that minimize the fan noise, however, the Corsair series does have a Performance version if you don't care about that at all and you can always adjust the speed of the high performance version through the mobo anyway.

Those temperatures are completely fine, gpus can run up to 90-100C, and intel cpus can as well.
As for SP vs AF fans, if they are on the front and blocked by a hdd cage, a SP fan might help more, where something like an exhaust fan would work with an AF fan better because there is no restrictions, but in your case I wouldn't spend the money replacing anything since those temps are fine.