GPU and CPU Micro Shuttering issues

Why does my FX 8350, and 7970 shutter when I OC, but run fine on default?

drivers? Gaming anti AMD platform?


4.6 [email protected] stable


1125 mhz

6000 memory @stock voltage


Prime 95, and heaven test out. Just don't understand. 

Not sure what "shuttering" means, do you mean your PC shuts down when you overclock, or your games stutter when you overclock?

you might have you video card memory clock too high try the memory at stock

Give the video card some extra voltage running a high overclock without giveing it extra power can be the problem.

When does you system stutter ...  Only when both are OC'd? What about just CPU or GPU?  I'd try to single out which one is causing the issue first.  What motherboard and PSU are you running? 

They both do. Even when I enable turbo on the CPU only or use the Asus auto tune. Only time it runs smooth is when everything is at default.


ill boost the voltage see if it helps.

+1 on this. put the "power" slider to +20% in catalyst GPU overdrive.