GPU always running warm at idle

So this has been going on for awhile, even before I put in my second GPU. I remember changing a setting in my motherboard cause it was causing problems with the on board GPU having low memory. But ever since I changed that option my GPU has always been running ATLEAST 62C at idle and 58 on cold days. I remember It used to idle in the 40's before I changed this option but it's starting to be summer again so I need to change this. I actually put my second gpu on my first slot and my old one in the second slot on my motherboard to see if that did anything but it didn't. My old GPU is a EVGA GTX 580 and my new one is a GIGABYTE GTX 580 with a non reference board. 

My motherboard is a Asus Z8z68-v non pro if anyone wants to help me.

Did you raise the PCI ratio? It's recommended to leave it at 100. Check your UEFI bios.

Sounds like you disabled ulps (ultra low power saving mode i think nVidia calls it something else) makeing the card run at max core clocks permanently

for evga it's called k-boost

There is something up with your card. I use k boost 24/7 because my system has issues with 2D lag without it. But evev then my cards idle at 44 c so 60 is something wrong.

If you know software isn't the issue, then perhaps it's a hardware issue. The thermal paste on your card could be drying out.