GPU Aftermarket Cooling [Help Needed]

Hey guys! I've got a problem: I noticed yesterday that one of the fans on my Sapphire HD 7870 (Dual-X Cooler) has stopped spinning, and only starts to spin when I force the fans to run at 80%. Today I have taken apart my GPU and cleaned some dust from the cooler and PCB, aswell as reapplied thermal compound, ect. I took out the fan that was not working properly and applied some oil to the bearing, but it doesn't seem to have changed things much. At this point I would still like to keep my card for at least another year or a little more, but I am not very keen on running the one fan I have left at 100%, just to keep my card from overheating. I have looked for aftermarket coolers for the HD 7870 but I have not really found any links to solid coolers or ones that would be compatible with my Sapphire card. I was wondering if you guys could offer any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

try to search for some broken sapphire 7870 (or other cards that use exactly the same cooler, but look out for compatbility issues

from wich the cooler still works and buy that, that way you know its compitable and it shouldnt be expensive because the gpu doesnt even work anymore.

That's actually a really great idea! I'll have a look around and see what I can find online.

i just saw that your card uses a reference pcb so you could also search for other broken cards with a reference pcb to use those

All else fails get a kraken g10 and some heatsinks. Did one myself. Now it oc's alittle better and runs nice and cool.

Alright thanks guys, your feedback helped me out quite a bit!

Why not mod an AIO Cooler on to it..less noise..less temps..= better performence