GPU activity - possible overheat

Look at this pic:


And that's everything off. Even explorer.exe

Is this normal behaviour? Should GPU activity always be 97%?

I would say that is not normal... I don't know what is wrong, but yah, something ain't right.

Try updating your driver

dont think having you fans locked at 55% is a great idea either.

the net is scattered with this issue but from a couple of years ago lol, so make sure you got the latest drivers.

Seems it was something to do with FireFox and hardware acceleration (had to turn it of in browser), causing the GPU to lock at 95%+ usage and causing overheating.

I've updated the driver. I had catalyst version 12.10 and updated to 13.1. Look at it now:


Oh, and regarding the fans being at 55%. I did that because I was afraid my GPU would die. I guess my fears weren't baseless after all...

Anyway, thanks for the quick response. You may have very well thwarted my GPU's certain death.

BTW, can you take a look at the voltages. Do you see anything... off? Anything out of the ordinary? I suspect my PSU is evil, but I can't seem to prove it.

The psu may be a tad under powered what do you have? the -12v for the CPUseems  is a little low (but im not a pro with psu voltages, ask some other people.


EDIT: Are you using a stock 6950 if you are those load temps are to be expected.

Sry for the delay, I was rather busy. I have a 560w chinese PSU that came with the case. My PC shuts down sometimes when I play games, and I have to turn off the PSU, then wait a bit, and then turn it on again. Only then will my PC start over. It only happens with games. Not once has it happened with light stuff.

As far as my GPU is concerned (it's a Sapphire 6850 btw) I've found a process in the task manager that seems to be responsible. It's called *usched.exe and when I end it, my GPU activity goes down from 97% to 0%. Very strange. I've managed to track that process to another .exe file and it seems to be a Java updater. Why would a java updater do this?

Anyway, I've disabled Java in Chrome, and uninstalled Java. I'll see if this happens again.

Also, I've done a bit of benchmarking (after disabling the *usched.exe) and found this out.

Idle: 40 °C                 
Load: 70°C

Googled a bit and I see these temps are normal. My case is well ventilated: a fan in the front, down and one up on the back. The CPU has a heatsink with two push/pull fans. The PSU is in the lower end of the case, with air intake from the floor, blowing in the back.