Government wishes to implant everyone with a tracking chip

Government wishes to implant everyone with a tracking chip to track them everywhere, even the toilet. No Way man Like Hell  was the main response a year or two ago   Too Late !.

People cant wait to be invited so they can get their hands on a tracking chip that monitors not only there Heart Rate, Speed they drive to work in the morning, how far they ran, jogged or skipped to the Donut shop down the road and what they bought there but also who they slept with last night and for how long. Google did this with their e-mail and I begged someone to send me an invitation to get an account (only because what I had sucked). In Europe there is a revolt and non smart phones are shooting up in price, Smart phones even track you with the main battery out for up to a week!, seriously?. How long before we are back to sending secure letters which is a criminal offence to tamper with in most countries because in those days there was actually uncorrupted governments. Btw letters can still be read, you just have to learn how to open them.

 Ponder this, Your cell phone will issue you your own speeding ticket or for running a red light.

I'm starting to hate technology. Digital age overstepping bounds

where do i sign up!?

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Isnt that what cell phones are? Just a tracking chip. Oh ,ya! We do have those wearable devices that track you and invade your privacy on a whole new level. They just market it as trendy ,hip, cool and people flock to it in droves. I just creeped myself out.

Able to track you with the battery out of the phone for a week? I feel sorry for the people that believe this kind of scare tactics. If anything, the basic 'feature phones' are more easily tracked than modern smart phones without the owner knowing. If you don't want your information to be collected for whatever reason, take out your battery or just don't own a phone.

I will agree on one thing though: government has become too big, and is too tightly controlled by the wrong people.

Those in power always feel threatened to loose their power, hence they seek to control & surveil. In their mind the biggest crime is to question their power. -> don't be angry it's just human nature.

So as subjects it is our obligation to relentlessly & constantly question their power, just to remind them that their power is given as well as taken away by our whim.

Governments all over the world, not only the US government, have proven that they can't be trusted to not abuse the power to surveil. The temptation is just too strong.

Now it's our duty to take that power away from them:

convince enough of the ignorant masses to say "NO"  and/or

disrupt the market with a privacy preserving decentralized technology.