Goto GPU for Linux Host in a KVM passthrough setup (3 monitors)?

Hey all,

I’m looking at getting a GPU (preferably AMD) for running on my Linux host as I passthrough my RTX 3070 to gaming VM’s.

What I need are the following:

  • Drive 3 displays (all 1440p 144hz with either HDMI or DisplayPort)
  • Don’t need a powerful GPU. I plan on passing through the 3070 to gaming VM’s, including Linux VM’s.
  • Preferably: no power-pin requirements
  • Lowest cost to achieve the above

Looks like the main ones (RX 550, RX 6500, etc.) only have 2 outputs. It looks like I may need to spend around $250-$300 for what I want to do with a RX 6600 / RTX 3050?

Would appreciate any ideas if I’m missing any obvious options. Ty!

I’m not sure what you’re trying to achieve. You’re using your best card passed through to a gaming VM. So do you want basic cards to pass through to desktop machine VMs or do you just want a card s the host machine has a screen? For my Proxmox machine I just use a cheap R5 340 for £15 from ebay. That would also be OK as a passthrough to a VM if that needed a physcal screen. However if these VMs are being used remotely then you don’t need a display port, you could use an old mining only card or even a RADEON MI25 with SR-IOV with multiple VMs, yet to try this.