Got some extra HIB9 keys

^ Those are the games that i have left. I'm looking for trades or steam wallet. Just make me some offers.


EDIT: Bastion gone.

EDIT: Limbo gone.


Screw it, just ask me for a game and if i still have it, It's yours.

I got some extra origin humble bundle codes, I'm also open to taking games off your hands for free if you'd like :3

AWw I wish I had something to trade, I really wanted to try our Bastion.

I've got you covered man, check your inbox.

Would it be possible for me to get limbo? that's the only game I really wanted out of the bundle.

What games were you willing to give for limbo? burnout?

 I didn't read your first comment correctly i would've gladly traded you.

can i get rocket birds? :P

Do you still have Eets Munchies?  Can I haz? Pwease?...

can i has a virus named tom? pweeeeaaaassseeeeeeeeeeeee