Got my computer wet

And not in the good way.Was fixing a leaky connection and a tube got lose and spilled about a quarter ounce of water between the vrm heatsink and output stack. It was completely killed so I'm not concerned about damage just a time frame to wait. 24 hours.? Also the site is acting weird on android 









strip the computer and dry with a hairdryer  - DO NOT OVERHEAT - stay at least 30cm/12in away from components on medium heat.

Dry well and let sit for at least an hour - or overnight

I'd wait 2-3 days to be sure. Use rice/silicagel after drying.

how many milliliters (mLs) is a quarter ounce of water? so I can get an idea of the amount spilled here.

About 7.3 I think

I would say take the side panel off your PC, and set up a fan to blow into it, and get a hair dryer, set it on medium or low and concentrate it on the area where the water might be sitting, but be careful you don't heat the area up too much.

My chassis is a HAF XB so I just took the top/side off and put two fans blowing on it last night before I went to bed. When I got up this morning I found no evidence of water anywhere but I'm going to douse it in some 99% isopropyl just to be sure later today.

Definitely not going to use a hair dryer, though. The amount of water in Ml was about 8-10ml. Just enough to make a tiny pool of water to the side of the VRM heatsink. I mopped all that up as soon as I saw it though.