Got my coding video removed for " Inappropriate content"

I just checked my YouTube today and one of the videos I had scheduled was removed for Inappropriate content I checked it again just to make sure and there was nothing wrong with it. Its just a short video about coding so I've appealed it and I'm waiting on a response but until then I have a strike and the video is down what can I do to speed up the progress here's at link to the video :

and a link to the actual video :

It was flagged because its 30 second code, but 50 seconds. This is misleading.

Seriously though, there's nothing wrong with that video.

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yeah it was the start of a series so I spent 20 seconds explaining the series

2 15second ads for a 30 second video wtf

You should have just echo'ed ( o Y o ).
Atleast that would have been a tiny bit inappropriate.