Got blocked By Logan on twitter, I think this was a mistake

I entered the 980 ti giveaway and noticed that I cannot follow Logan (on twitter Logan_RTW) anymore. I think this is a mistake as I have never tweeted or even interacted With him,ever. (It could also be he just blockes everyone using an iPhone (This was a joke ofcaurse PLEASE don't be offended) I always try to be polite on the internet and as a regulair tek watcher it makes me sad that he blocked me.
Kind regards

(I may have placed this topic in the wrong place... I am a bit of a forums noob)

My twitter name is @iChrisWald btw

I'd suggest taking this through private channels (i.e. PM wendell or logan).

p.s. - I am VERY offended!

Thanks for responding! How do I do this exactly?

Click on your avatar in the taskbar area in the top right of the forum UI. Then go to Messages. Then click on the New Private Message button and enter "wendell" and/or "logan" into the "Add a user" field.

Thank you for resplnding but I do not have the permission to send Logan a message

Sorry I got it I did not have to have a title as in permission i hade to have a title as in a title of a book thanks for your time I send him a message hopefully he reads it