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Got any hardware recomendations for a new virtual, gaming and other stuff too PC?

Hi I am looking to build a virtual machine running beast. I am primarily looking for suggestions choosing the CPU and motherboard. From the things I have seen and read about what I am trying to do I might run into compatibility and or performance issues. I am looking to know what CPU and motherboard will definitely work for sure. Work arounds are fine but I don’t want to build this PC and find out it just won’t work.

I would like to run 5 - 20 VM’s at a time. I also want to play games on a windows VM. The machine will need to be VFIO capable and allow hardware pass-through. I will be using multiple GPU’s for gaming, rendering and compute. This PC will go threw a lot of experimentation. I could always add different VM’s and hardware for any porpoise. I have been interested in streaming, rendering and encoding lately. I also have an interest in deep learning. I may also want to stream since I will at least be able to play games again. I bought a large 4K monitor 2 years ago and my old keplers wont do it but new cards aren’t happy in PCIE 2.0 slots either.

In any case I want to balance my performance with gaming performance. I will spend a good amount of time gaming but I only want 1 PC instead of like 5 PC’s not including my pfsense box and data storage of course. I know Threadripper and Epyc aren’t for gaming but I haven’t seen any one do a deep dive into gaming performance in VM’s on these platforms yet and I am wondering if any one has some experience with this?

I am on a budget and I have limited space. I have several other PC’s I want to consolidate into VM’s to save space and power and they are all very old. I will use this PC for a very long time. I have been using my last build since 2011 on the same OS, upgraded of course. I was waiting for early to mid 2020 to see what AMD would release but due to the lack of PCIE slots and the PCIE slots I have being 2.0… I do not know how much longer I can wait…

I am thinking that I will probably go AMD for this build due to cost constraints, security and general capability but I am open to a low cost Xeon or ebay Xeon if its not one of the exploited ones and supports the features I need if that exist… I have heard rumor of an Epyc 3rd gen p series CPU that will be overclockable and TRX4 compatible could this be true? I am considering a Threadripper 39xxX series CPU how ever the boards I have seen do not have enough PCIE slots. I would really like to experiment with some compute cards and stuff. I know Epyc boards have lots of PCIE slots but I am concerned about the clock speeds in task that are not that multi-threaded.

I have herd of IOMMU problems on Threadripper boards and I am wondering if those ever got fixed on the TRX4 boards? Is any one aware if AMD will release overclockable hardware more suited to my needs in early 2020??? I do not mind running the board on a open bench or customizing a case so any suggestion goes.

Thank you.