Got a Zalman ZM-VE300, "No iso file"

I bought a Zalman VE300 and I've got a real nice SSD in it, but it just won't stop saying it's connected via USB 2.0? Could I get some help with this? It also transfers at no higher than USB 2.0 speeds.

have you checked the port your using? is the colour blue?

It only has one port and that's USB 3.0 micro.

@SanJacobs do you have a different cable you can use? Just to confirm that the cable is not the problem.
Also, just to be sure: it is the VE300, not the older VE200 (which only supports USB 2.0 via a mini-USB port and eSATA)?

Edit: found this on the freeNAS forum:

The VE300 has some people complaining about the USB3.0 port failing in less than a year and basically won't work except as a USB2 device.

Hahaha, yes, @jordonbc, I know to plug it into a 3.0 plug.

It works as 3.0 on my laptop's 3.0 ports. But now I have a bigger issue, it won't see the .iso files I put in /_iso/.

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same here, it sees SOME of the ISO file but, not others


updated firmware
formatted drive
took out of iso mount mode
copied _ISO folder back over
plugged in to laptop
GENTLY whaled on the toggle up/down for while and as the screen lagged, iso name started changing

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