Got a wireless mouse for first time; feels weird. Normal?

I got tired of the wire tugging on my wired Logitech MX518 and the high pitched sound it’s developed. Otherwise, I’ve been happy with it for over a decade.

The wireless Logitech M720 seems better in every way on paper. But in use, it feels like there’s some slight latency before it responds to motion, and I find it more difficult to point precisely in small areas as though it’s “smoothing” the motion. I’m trying to adjust the acceleration and sensitivity settings to something more comfortable, but nothing gets it like the old mouse. Maybe part of it is that the M720 is a bit heavier?

It’s been less than a day, and although I like shape, the ‘freewheeling’ scroll wheel, it just feels like the added difficulty in quickly placing my cursor exactly where I want increases my stress level compared to my old mouse. The MX518 feels more direct and precise, and I’m not even a gamer.

Is this normal? Do I just need time to get used a new mouse?

Side note: is there a way to use the M720’s thumbpad and scrollwheel side-to-side buttons in linux?

I give any new peripheral a week of use before I fully decide if I like it IR not or can live with any faults I find. Also give me time to fj d anything that may annoy me over time.

There shouldn’t be any noticeable latency, none that I have ever noticed in any wireless mouse I have used anyway. DPI settings can sometimes take getting used to, but its obvious when DPI is higher/lower and you are not describing that.

One thing I have found is that some mice are fussier with the surface they are used on and I once left the clear tape over the sensor. I thought that mouse was terrible until I realized :blush:

@Zibob Yeah I’ll give it some time before any final conclusion, but the contrast was big enough that it really made me want to ask others’ experience. Then again, I really have been using the same optical mouse for literally more than a decade, and old habits die hard…

@BGL The M720 is 1000 DPI, while the MX518 is 1600 DPI with a hardware button for switching between 800, 1200, 1600 DPI. I always used the middle 1200 DPI.

It feels like they have different built-in acceleration curves, with that of the MX518 feeling flatter and more predictable.

I just checked, no plastic/tape over sensor! :smiley: Though the white sensor light is a surprise vs the typical red.

It hasn’t been a week yet, but I’m starting to get used to the M720. Still, there are some differences:

  • weight: the M720 is heavier and that may be partly why it feels slower in the initial and final part of movements, since it takes more effort to move. The M518’s lightness makes it feel so easily maneuverable.
  • fine aim: the M720 still feels like it takes more time and effort to aim and move precisely at small features/buttons. Not sure why.

Overall, I still feel slower doing things with the M720. And the testing continues…