Got a thermaltake 2.0 extreme for christmas.. but overclocking isnt working as expected

I have an amd 8120

gigabyte 990fx ud3( rev 1.1)

when i go even to a modest overclock(4ghz(which is the boost speed)) i get reboots after 2 mins of prime 95. Even when i up the voltage by .025 or .050 i still get reboots. Is there something wrong with my chip and or motherboard?

I turn off all powersaving features.. and still nothing

dont use prime 95 with amd fx series. causes many problems. the last amd processor that was safe to use prime 95 on was the amd  phenom II 1100t

try AIDA64

also what are your cpu temps right before it reboots? if your memory is not fast enough you cant overclock either.

prime95 is fine to use on FX chips as a temperate testing program. but not for stability because it can create artificial voltages making it unstable, but ultimately making temps ridiculus

right before it reboots my cpu temp will be around 33 degrees celcius