Got a Raspberry Pi 2, now what?

Fellow members of the forum, as the title says, I got a Raspberry Pi 2 but now I don't really know what to do beside a file and print server. Also I do need to buy some accessories but don't know which one to choose (beside the micro SD and the power brick). If you have any suggestions on project of ANY kind or about good accessories to pick (cases, peripherarls, cooling and all that jazz) I would really appreciate you help. Thanks a lot :)

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You could make it a media center or even an arcade cabinet. There are many projects online you can base on.

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Seriously though this, that, and the other.


Well I already have a smart TV and a PS3 so unfortunately a media center is not useful for me :/ I'll look into some MAME. Thank you phduke and @NeOZeN

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Forgot my favourite one!

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I use mine for DNS-ADblocker and Web Server

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That's really cool! I'm constantly listening to music.

@suzuka12345 Nice idea. What kind of web server you're running on it?

Lighttpd is the Webserver I use Wordpress on it and a normal sql-server cant remember which one I am at work. ohh right also use it as a VNC server and SSH accecs to my network at home


Thanks for the deatails. I'll dig into those things aswell!

No problem man :-)
btw I recommend DNS Adblocker it does not take that much performance from your system
But man its awesome to be free from ads on your tablet or phone on your home WIFI :-)
DNS AD Blocker

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Make a VPN server with it. I have a normal Rpi doing it and it works flawlessly.
You can learn some more here.

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If you are into games, you can run a mumble server.

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Start with a project that interests you. That's what I did. It will help get your feet wet with some light programming. It will also get you generally acquainted with Linux if you aren't already. My project involved video games, then music. Get a free extra micro sd card so you can enjoy the work you put in. The pi can switch between many useful and not so useful functions by simply swapping the sd card and possibly some hardware.

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Easy button web services server:

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I could just be stating the obvious... but....

Why would you buy one if you didn't have a plan for how to use it?

Your suggestion started a snowball of researches and I think I'll try to make a TS server with Qemu, wish me luck! lol

@RotaryTelephone I'm gonna dig some more into the Raspi world and find something interesting using the GPIOs, breadboard and stuff. Thanks for the suggestion!

@Quixotic_Autocrat That looks interesting, I'm gonna dual boot with that and try out some of those options. Appreciate your suggestion :)

@eidolonFIRE Got one for my bday. I was waiting to buy one since, as you pointed out, I don't have a clear idea on how to use it. But my friends bought it to me ahead of time so now I HAVE TO put it through it's paces and get more confident with Linux.

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Make a Game Boy emulator!

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Would be so cool something like that but I need something more versatile that doesn't require a 3D printer

That's a shame. Although I believe there are a few emulators that work with mouse and keyboard for the Pi 2. I think someone here on the Tek Syndicate forums was building a SNES emulator with a Pi or something.

I've got an XBOX 360 controller for PC, I guess that would work no problem with something like RetroPI