Got a new ssd, but having some problems with it :(

well i already installed windows to it, and i tried installing the drivers for my wireless usb adapter (it says it is installed) yet it wont connect to the internet... But my old hard drive which still has windwos installed (and is what im using r8 now) will connect... idk how to solve this problem which is why i came here.  thanks for all and any help :)


(btw all i want to do is connect to the internet so i can install my gpus drivers and whatnot also i downloaded the wireless adapters drivers from its web site on this version of windows and just moved it to the ssd and installed it)

do you have a wifi card in your rig? it might need a driver or utility to function, mine does. 

no i only have the usb adapter

what exactly do you mean it won"t connect? it does not see your network?