Got a new Mobo and CPU Cooler, now there is no display on boot

First off. Specs:

  • Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3 (my old mobo was just an older version of the same board.. I like them)
  • CPU Cooler is a Be Quiet! Shadow rock slim, Upgrading from stock
  • CPU is an FX-8350
  • 2x 660 3GB for the GPU

before the update, the previous motherboard worked, but had issues with USB 2.0 and other drivers. so I felt it was time for an update, and updated the CPU cooler as well for obvious reasons. The problem I am having in.. when I boot up, everything turns on, all fans a go. no signs of any issues, but none of my displays are working.. no visuals, just a very quiet very big paper weight.

There is no on board video for this board, the previous one does not have that capability either.

I have tried

  • swapping the GPUs (even popping in an old HD 7760) doesn't seem to be a power issue
  • Pulled out the ram, Checked the channels, only put in one 4gb stick into the first channel, and nothing
  • checked every possible cable, checked the SATA positions, all of those seems fine.

I am at a complete loss at this point, I have one more board I might try and if I cannot get this figured out, but it is not SLI capable, so it would be very depressing. I would greatly appreciate any ideas or troubleshooting steps if you have seen this before. I am currently on my Laptop so I will watching this while I poke around it some more.

Thanks everyone.

You could try flashing the bios and/or reset your bios (Clear CMOS). To reset easy just take out the round silver battery on the right hand side of your board.

Hope this helps.

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  • CPU fan plugged into cpu fan header?
  • Front io panel pins => correct front io cables.
  • Any beeps when you turn it on (you'll need the little speaker attached to the front io pins)
  • as above - remove battery, wait >30secs, replace
  • Remove cooler and try with stock cooler - perhaps there is an electrical short occurring with the backplate or something
  • Barebone it - no hdds, 1 stick ram, + kb, + gpu, + display.
  • Try another psu
  • Was the new board a 'refurb' or a new one? It could very well be DOA.
  • The board could be dead on arrival. Also, it's possible something is shorting out the board, like the new cooler. The approach to troubleshooting is process of elimination so you seem to be going about it the right way. Try taking the board out of the case and POST it up with it just laying on the antistatic bag that came with the board, using a known good power supply and known good RAM. Use the stock cooler. If it doesn't work then, it's a bad board.

    I just tried with the old mobo and the new cooler and it's creating the same issue, so I am afraid it might be the cooler with these motherboards. It's an odd symptom to have.. but to be honest I am not surprised.

    That sounds unlikely. Try booting with a single gpu. Could be an SLI issue.

    Also switch the display cable. What are you using? HDMI, display port? Whatever it is switch the cable out for another one. Hook another device up to the monitor to insure it isn't a monitor issue.

    What PSU are you using?

    I've only been using a single GPU to try and troubleshoot, switched them out and tried with an older GPU using a vga cable instead of HDMI, sadly do not have display port at my disposal right now. i know the CPU cooler idea is unlikely, but I rebuilt my computer using the old motherboard with everything the same except for the new CPU cooler, and it caused the same issue. so tomorrow I am going to try to build it with the new Mobo and the stock cooler and go from there.

    850 Watt gold, it worked just fine on the old build with both of my 660s in SLI, I am only using one right now to test. doesn't seem to be a power issue.

    Let us know what happened. To be honest, looking at your troubleshooting steps, it's most likely a bad board.

    It was the CPU Cooler, I switched it back to stock and now it's working just fine, I am not sure if I just somehow installed it improperly or what.. but it's working just fine right now. That was a massive headache.