Got a few questions for you guys

First off, let me get the most important question out of the way.

What did you order for your pepper sandwich, Logan?

You introduced me to the idea of using my FX-8350 box to hold food. For that, I am forever in debt to you.


Next off, is Wendell running CM10 on his Galaxy S3? I have one as well and I've been meaning to pop a new ROM on it since I got it. 


Finally, what do you guys think of the Cherry MX Blue switches in comparison to the Model M?

I have an old Dell AT101W that has ALPS black switches in it, but the keyboard has 2 key rollover, so it hinders me in games at times. I love the feel of this for typing. I'm fairly sure I want the clicky keys, so there's that. It seems like the general consensus is that the Cherry keys are smoother.


Thanks for all of the great videos, I've been watching your stuff since last year.