Got a computa question

I have a question. Someone gave me a Socket G34 Opteron 16 core system with a GTX titan.
And with 32gb of ram. I want to use it for gaming. Should I?


Sell the individual parts and get something else with the money.

You can play games on an opteron?

It is x86-64.

Why not?

Well it's a server CPU isn't it? I thought they sucked for gaming..

Okay logan I will get haswell.

Who the hell gave you $4000 worth of hardware?


A very good friend of mine.

Want to be a really good friend of mine?


It was a joke. However, I would sell the Opteron and motherboard, and buy a nice X79 setup with a 3930k and Rampage IV Extreme.

Or Haswell. Haswell is coming out soon, right?

The 3930k will still be more powerful.

Ivy bridge-E is coming out soon, right? hehe

Q3, right?

server cpus are awesome for gaming

though it's not really worth spending that kind of money, and you probably shouldn't be gaming while you're at work/school

get an ares 2

Hmm, I see. Yup, you're right. 3930k seems like a good option then.

No... The Titan is a much better option, using less power, and performing really closely to the Ares II, but without the frame times, and crappy CLC.