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Google to restrict modern ad blocking Chrome extensions to enterprise users


Continuing the discussion from The Lounge - 2019/06 June [I'm Early Edition]:

Switched to FF for personal browsing, is gonna suck on school and work computers computers though. I still use chrome/chromium for school and work accounts.

Someone in the r/pcmasterrace comments mentioned switching the user agent in other browsers because google put artificial limitations on other browsers and their services.

Also why do I feel like another anti trust suit is going to be thrown on google for trying to push chrome on people using google drive.

Level 1 Chromium fork when?


Trusthworthy "hosts" based protection

I am not all that surprised, ads are how Google makes money.




I heard that they are doing it the same way safari does

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Saw the news, but as far as i can see it hasn’t happened yet.

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Yes, same as Safari. Most people will not care.

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I hardly ever use chrome these days anyway, considering there are many alternatives.
Shame that most browsers are chromium builds though. I have started to actually like opera browser.

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I could go chromium a few porn sites might not work. Ill have to deal with it.

It will be a cold day in hell I enable javascript by default and dont run an adblocker.

I only whitelist now.



I never saw anything appealing in Chrome. All the people saying it is “faster” are just talking crap. The rendering of the website is maybe faster by few milliseconds. That doesn’t mean you can actually tell a difference.




That’s all I got.



Does anyone know where I can download the Enterprise edition‽




Wait… So does Chromium, sans Google, have these same problems?

Fuck Google, just the open base and carry on? Or do they not get extensions, or do they have to follow the google rules.

Why put up with this at all, no need for a whole new browser, just get rid of the bit everyone has hated for years now? Right? Or is that just too sensible?



I think it affects all chrome based browsers as it is targeting the method of how extensions work



Chrome based yes but chrome is based on chromium.



The wording from the article makes it sound like a rework of the extensions, so my guess is that this rework will be pushed to the chromium version as well.

We’ll have to wait and see if all chromium and chrome based browsers are affected by the extension change



The manifest they’re talking about specifically mentions chromium. Also, this is the URL!msg/chromium-extensions



So as a result does this effect googles chromium, chromium’s chromium or all of them?

This is more getting into the structure but who controls the open source version? Google or the open source community behind it? Why not fork it at its current point and carry on with the less restricted version?

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with this news, that might just happen



What do you mean? Chromium, which is developed by Google, is affected by this. Chrome, which shares most of it’s code with Chromium inherits the change. There is no non-google Chromium.

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The switch still exists, for enterprise deployments, and Chromium is open-source. The only question is whether official Chromium builds have it disabled. And if they do, you can just use one of the many forks which will immediately seize on this difference from official Chrome to gain market share.

This change won’t affect enthusiasts like anyone reading or posting on this forum. Google knows that. Only the many millions of users who just use official Chrome and move on with their lives will be impacted by this at all, and since adblocking addons will for the most part still work, they won’t care.

You know where they won’t work? YouTube. And that’s why they’re doing it.



My other cooperative effort was to make a group effort as a corporation of L1T mebers to run our own enterprise version of chrome to avoid things. What would that take?

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