Google Search Appliance BIOS Flash Questions T3/R710

So I recently picked up two GSA T3 R710s and some X5680s to swap into them. I found a couple guides to flash the BIOS (both listed below) but before I flash them, is there anyway to fully unlock the BIOS and keep the splash screen? I noticed in the LevelOneTechs video when you booted your GSR that it still had the Google splash screen… so what process did you/(if you read this) they take to unlock the BIOS and keep the splash screen? I want to run Windows Server 2016 on both of mine for a home lab. I’m waiting on some HD bays/caddy before I install an OS so I’m not entirely sure of my limitations. Looks like with the password and NVRAM pinned I can actually check out the BIOS now. If you could list the process you took to flash yours or how you are running yours it would be appreciated.

On the first guide since some people in the comments were saying they still had their GSA splash screen I tried that one. I couldn’t get past the second reboot, when the BIOS flashes in windows install and prompts for reboot on the next boot it just goes back to Windows Install and doesn’t boot up into the second half of the BIOS flash. The machine has no drives installed, just running off a flash drive. I’m pretty sure the second link would solve the problem with the reboot, since it isn’t trying to load into a Windows installer but in the comments everyone was saying they lost their GSA splash screen. That makes me wonder how LevelOneTechs chose to do theirs.