"Google, Samsung, Others, Sued by Rockstar Consortium"

If you didn't pick up on this for the next 'The Tech', then looks like that patent truce is over.


Also, is this the right place to put things that are suggestions?


Damn...I kinda wish Google had committed 'whatever it takes' for that.

kinda weird cause they ploped down more money for the motorolla patents. more than twice as much.

Man I am tired of this "Business via Suing the competition out of Existence" BS.

Amazing how quickly Blackberry adopted this strategy after their meltdown...

they probably didn't want to get into a super-inflated bidding war with MSFT. Although, had it escalated high enough, then perhaps MSFT stock may have dropped enough to keep them from worrying? IDK, I try not to get into these things too much beyond knowing it sucks.