Google is always listening - recorded live test of google spying

Hi, I’m not a frequent on L1T forums but do follow both the L1Tech and L1Linux youtube. (quick search didn’t find this video)

Basically this is a video that I find may be perfect for the L1News.
In summary its about google always listening on your conversation and uses that monitored (spying) data for your ad-profile.

If this is true, then I don’t dare to think… well… oh well oh well Orwell :slight_smile::frowning:

This is sad. Need to see some puppy picture, maybe I just need to say it out lout “I like to see cute puppies… google!” :slight_smile:

The video is BS. How the F is google even supposed to listen when he closes the browser. Instead of wild speculation based on anecdotal evidence just look at the source code. There is no need for guesses when one can just look at what the page is actually doing.

The comments are also filled with people saying that either it didn’t work for them or worked even without having a microphone.

Tinfoil hattery at its finest.


If this is real then it’s creepy, but it seems far fetched. What kind of devices does he have in the room with him? Does he have an android phone with him? Google Home? Also, clicking on the first ad he sees basically invalidates that test in my mind as it would been seen as a sign that he was interested. Then clicking the second ad would add weight.

The thing is, the second time he just opens upp just after the dog toy monologue (the site with the links) it already had a dogtoy ad that he missed himself :slight_smile: Look at 5:15 in the video for the petsmart ad.

Possibilities are that:
*windows 10 it self is spying and selling the info to 3rd party like google

  • or Chrome is listening with another program that runs in the background
  • or other devices like the phone, google home etc is listening .

If this is fake then a second person could have his login on chrome or being on the same IP but on another computer, running around dog toys sites and ads while he is monologue-ing :slight_smile:

Maybe one should test this.

I’m not saying that the video has been faked, just that it’s not conclusive in any way. This is a typical case of survivor-/publication-/selection bias. Just think about how many people have tried making such a video and found nothing. Those videos are not uploaded / don’t go viral because they don’t contain any sensational information. So there’s probably thousands of people that have tried the same experiment and nothing happened.

Of course the video of the one guy where google by chance decided to serve dog ads is the one everybody focuses on.

anecdotal evidence + heavily biased sample => no result

They way I see it… the first dog ad could of been something or not. He nuked his own test by clicking on the ad. Game over. Of course, if you click on an ad of any kind. It is now gonna follow you.

It’s not that the video is fake. It’s that the testing method was very poor.

What was ‘google’ listening from? How? He’s running a windows pc. Did he have cotrana on?

Is he suggesting Chome is doing this or He never said or tested in other browsers.

I did my own little poor test as well on a Google home mini. That thing sends no network traffic unless you hit the hot words.

The video is poor click bait that lots of people might run with.

If his experiment actually came up with those results. It may be far more likely that it’s cortana not Google doing the listening. But because it was so poorly done and had that spin on it I’d question if it’s even real.


im sure in the back of our heads we thought google did this anyways, but yeah more testing with controled groups needs to be done. until then let the tinfoil unroll


There is almost no way that is a google ad however I am interested in the possibility that the ad he sees is actually mined from Cortana. ( if not fake video in the first place )

nah forget that shit this is most probably fake almost 90% sure.

My first emotional reaction is disappointment followed by embarrassment, @Eden and @pFtpr are spot on. He clicked on ad’s, he didn’t duplicate, this is one test, he acts sensational when he would be taken more seriously if he conducted himself. I would do this myself, but as @pFtpr mentioned, thousands had probably done it previously without interesting results. Where’s the programme or method to detect/record whether data was travelling from the mic to the internet.

It would be news if it were proven scientifically, otherwise it’s just bum fluff :sleeping:

Good on you to bring it to our attention though :+1:

It sure looks like it judging from his unmodified task bar, and I would not doubt for a second that this is the actual cause, not the browser at all. Though chrome does leave executables running in the background when closed I think this is for the purposes of updating only.

He has cortana activated and same with his microphone. So, yes it’s listening the problem is not that it is, the problem would be if it was enabled by default without the user knowing, which is probably also the case for those not going through the ms options when installing the operating system

Could it be listening without the mic and cortana enabled? Sure, same with phones. If you don’t take selfies every 15 minutes or so, why would you need a camera watching your face 24/7?

Did an experiment with an ex girlfriend once, she was using her iphone and she kept the camera looking at me, so without saying anything i moved to the side, so did she with her phone so i was infront of it again. She kept doing this, without knowing it.

So asked wanna see me do a front-flip?

Truth is the mega corps set the defaults and can set them as they like, (which they do without a doubt, with malicious purposes) But if the defaults are set that way, that sets the status quo, yes even whether or not it still can be deactivated. It’s defaults are still malicious.

Making users read and understand every tiny bit is the mega corps responsibility, if they don’t live up to their power and responsibility it’s their fault and not it’s users.

Until they hire me, then it’s your fault and not mine.
(If you can’t beat em, join them)

The guy is using chrome, chrome still runs background processes as well as some data exchange even after it is closed. This video seems legit.


Seems like you don’t know what you are talking about, chrome is closed source.

There is no such thing as a closed-source website.

Chrome has to request access to the microphone. This almost certainly isn’t chrome as the mic is only used when you make voice searches.

For my own sanely, i chose to not believe that … if it appear to be true, i might end up giving up. This is just to much, i try to selfhost everything i can but at some point you can’t fight back.

So, you believe chrome is a website… wow, it all makes sense now.

You are 100% sure that chrome has to request microphone access before it listens? This isn’t linux, this is windows so I have my doubts.

On a side note, he is still logged into his google account, when he restarts the browser. Chrome maintains a secure connection to google’s servers even after the browser is closed.

I am not sure about this… however I do know that Samsung smart tv records video and audio , even when the tv is on standby… the led doesn’t even light up… the information then gets sent to a 3rd party for advertising.

Maybe try reading what I wrote before making a snarky comment next time. I wasn’t talking about chrome, because that would make what I said nonsense. Unless you can’t distinguish between chrome and google that is…

There is also plenty of ways to analyse what a closed source program is doing.

Reading is hard I suppose :man_shrugging:
Do you wanna fight or have a discussion about the topic at hand?