Google Glass and GIANT LED

Hi Logan!

I was watching the latest TEK and heard the story about Google Glass and a man in a theater. I think Google Glass lacks proper indication of its actions and this is a part of the problem.

Remember in early days of Bluetooth headsets they had GIANT blinding LEDs to inform others that the person is in fact sane and simply talking on the phone. In a scenario where everyone got a camera on their face it needs a proper way of alerting others about its acts. Most importantly, it has to alert mouth breathers who know nothing about technology. At the same time certain areas should be off limit to Google Glass and it has to be enforced in a technological manner. Like QR codes on the walls that shut the camera off or Bluetooth radio that forbids the use of certain kinds of recording within its range. That one would be cool if Google Glass checked Bluetooth radios around before its next action and people who don't want that thing near them can just set their radio names to something like *noGG:AVP* (no Google Glass: AudioVideoPhoto).

What do you think? Is this something that needs to be implemented before the official launch and if it is going to make any difference?