Google Fi Referral code

Anyone have a referral code?

Asking because “Enter a friend’s referral code for a $20 Fi credit”

I’d look at if you’re looking for a pay as you go thing.

It will also respect your privacy.

If you want a promo for it, will hook you up.

Here you go bud.

Already a ting member but to get the Android one edition of the Moto x4 need to get it through the fi site.

I looked at ting myself but project fi has way better coverage in my area with sprint and tmo. I also dont use much data so the cost savings is next to nothing for me.

Ah, that makes sense.

Hmm I thought ting used the tmobile towers. Interesting.

They do, but only tmo. With fi I get tmo and sprint. I used to have tmo and it was fairly spotty.

Ah. Yeah. I’ve got tmobile right now and I don’t get a signal when I’m in Iowa. The rest of the time, I’m golden.

I need unlimited data considering I normally hit 20GB a month on my phone alone. Tethering is a daily factor for me because of the way I work.

I’m considering switching somewhere else, but unlimited or inexpensive data is a requirement.

Before this job, I was on ting and loved it.