Google 'doodles' causing CPU cycles to skyrocket

2018-02-14 15_02_54-Google

These fucking things are causing CPU cycles to 100%. Happened at Christmas as well.

(Not serious query) is google mining?
More likely shitty javascript/animation code.

OS tested in so far -

Centos 6.6 X64
Firefox 45.3.0 & Mozilla Firefox 52.6.0 (updated the browser to be sure)

We need more definitive system specifications before one can make any conclusions

Win10 Ryzen 7 1700X and in Chrome that tab maxed out at 1.8% CPU.

In Vivaldi, 3.7%.

I think it comes down to hardware acceleration. I know that is like a burn-in test for my 2015 macbook pro with iris GPU, regardless of browser.

btw. @kreestuh, is there a way to get rid of the animation in the background?

doubt this is google’s problem


what are your specs?

You’re all correct so far, it is definitely a mozzarella fire cheese issue.

Observed on about four separate occasions that day and it was causing outages at these branches.

Too lazy to trace specs.

so why not gogo duck for internet information somewhere else?

Hey , not my choice. The customer wants google. He’ll they think Google IS the internet.