Google chrome problems

I have used google chrome since about a week after it was released, and of yesterday it keeps crashing and when trying to switch between tabs after clicking once it drags the tab with my mouse even though i have left go of the left click, does anyone have a fix or can help me?

Ive never had that problem and ive been using chrome for over a month.

One thing i did notice is whenever i hit the back tab, a lot of the time it brings me to a page that says reconfirm submission. Its just annoying

Hmm, odd. I've never had that issue either, and I've been using Chrome since it came out.....Is it the beta or the official one? I'm still using the beta one, cuz for some reason, it won't let me install the normal one, unless they're the same. =3

Never had the problem from the op, but i do have the problem Wayne has, nothing big just annoying.

I get that issue a lot, I just refresh and it's fixed.

Very important, were you watching the pink friday stream when it started crashing???

snarlingchicken i think im using the beta as i didnt know the real thing was released and Mike no I never watched pink friday, another problem i have found is in google shopping were it allows you to change lowest price first, highest price first, etc... when i click the little drop down arrow it crashes immediately then closes. Ill try and see if I can get the real version that you are talking about snarlingchicken and see if it continues.