Google Chrome getting slow?

So I'm having an issue with chrome recently where websites are slowing down for some reason. Most notably, Newegg takes forever to load a page, I can't reply to comments on youtube and posting an original comment takes forever, and it takes a day and a half to load the server browser for Battlefield 3.

Internet Explorer works just fine with these sites, and my connection is not a problem right now. Anyone know what the issue is?

Extension problem?

Could be your internet connection. I'm not experiancing anything going slow. execpt facebook, that is to be expected though. Seeing everyone and their monkey's uncle is on

If you read my post you would realize it's not my internet connection.

That's funny. I have that same youtube problem, the "reply" button doesn't do anything. But it surely can't just be "slowness", it must be a bug. Especially the BF3 server loading thing.

Did this happened prior to your last update?

have you tried firefox bajillion as an alternative?

Yeah, I looked up the youtube thing and it looks like it's a problem on Youtube's end, but other websites are still much slower than they used to be with Chrome and I don't know why.

I'm not sure actually. I think the last update was July 10th, and this is a more recent problem. Maybe it's just a bad update. I also did a little research, and people have been saying that it's been getting progressively slower since January.

I'm using Firefox right now actually and everything is loading up a lot faster. Youtube i still a problem, but I guess that's just a youtube issue that's affecting a lot of people right now.

Recent updates on Flash might've caused Youtube to act up intermittmently. Try to switch over to HTML5 on that site and see if anything's changed.

P.S. I might have to get a new keyboard later. Key's too slippery :(


I know this is a noobish question...

But how do you switch over to HTML5 on youtube?

uninstall flash is my only guess, as youtube auto detects

Follow that link

YouTube has been having serious problems with Chrome for various people for the last couple of weeks now. It's all over Google help forums etc. I had the problem last week and it went away after about 3 days automatically, happened to my friend in Australia 2 days ago and it's effecting people all over at different times. There's no official word on it but the forum-goers have come to an agreement that it's Google's fault and they're trying to silently fix it. Just give it a few days, use FireFox or whatever you want for the next few days. That's what I had to do.

I just tried it and it doesn't help.