Good Youtube Channels?

Please recommend any good Youtubers like rtw. 

LinusTechTips is good, most of the time. Not as "open" as RTW, but still pretty good.

I don't know of many other channels like RTW, but another good channel is Singularity Computers. Insane watercooled builds; very informational, as well.

Thanks for the replies and I apologize for such a bad thread opener.  I thought the 'save'  button saved the post as a draft. Nevertheless Thank You. 

Yeah one thing to keep in mind with tech related youtube channels, they might be biased because of sponsors. I don't trust any online benchmarks (especially linus') because it's never an equal battle there is so much more to benchmarking then "similar" hardware. All those little factors add up and people who know a lot about benchmarking could use that to manipulate their results.

his new channel (he moved to it) :

Frankieonpcin1080p and JackFrags are 2 of my favorite youtubers right now

Why exactly dont you Trust Linus's benches ? 

He shows you the Exact method they use to bench, with the Exact same components for each test, and if there are any anomilies they will re test to be sure it was just a random event. 

So how would they be biased ?