Good water pumps

Does anybody know any good pump for a watercooling project im doing?

Laing D5 if you require a lot of pressure capabilities. (Like multiple rad's and blocks)

DCC pumps are better suited to smaller loops (one or two rads, CPU and GPU)

DC-LT are really compact (although noisy on breaking in and at full RPM) better suited for small loops (single block and small rad) although they can be used in serial to increase pressure overhead if you need the compactness but more "unmph"

Pick what's best for your needs. I use Alphacool mainly. Although Koolance and XSPC also make D5s and DCCs

Laing D5 at 1 or 2 setting all the way.If you need more pressure add another one in the same speed setting.

DDC or other pumps are noisier.

d5 - [email protected] if you really want the strongest, ive never been a fan of ddc's