Good VPS Solution? Cloud vs Normal

Hi guys and gal's (I'm english but said that in an american accent in my head, so I wrote Gal's instead of girls)

First off... I have some shared hosting and the company I use are terrible...., they have lost my data loads of times and my sites have been down for several days at a time with really limited help and or explanation as to why. Anyhoo I have some more important websites for businesses to maintain, so I am looking for a more reliable solution. I don't have masses of money but I think I can comfortably afford a decent VPS contract.

My questions are :

a) Should I go for a standard VPS or do I pay a little extra for a cloud VPS and are the differences worth the extra wonga?

b) What providers should I consider, fasthosts for instance say they use class 1 vps and not to use class 2 that use Parallels Virtuozzo, is this correct? Also do the data centres have to be in my country (UK) or is it ok to be in the US.

I love the show and have been watching every week for the past year when I found you guys on one of your build videos! I think alot of people find your show on videos like these!

Thanks a bunch,

Danny C

p.s hopefully I can work with you guys in the future on some documentaries I want to do on certain world injustices!

I suggest that you go for VPS. It seems to be the more reliable solution. I tried a lot of those VPS and cloud solutions and didn't find proper one. Eventually found Limy VPS and their free trial offer, tested it and decided to subscribe for Advanced Plan. It is the best option for my small online business and very glad I found reliable company. I would recommend to everyone to visit Limy VPS and sign up for 7 days free trial.

Could services are usually not really VPS-s but, set up virtual machines to run applications.
There is some advantages for it, like it is totally set up from the start, and hopefully have sane security configurations. Usually you have to pay separate for a database too

If you get a real VPS than it's just like a computer on your desk, you can set up your own database, you have to set up firewalls, fail2ban, server configurations, domain, users, etc... all of witch are not trivial. But it will be your computer, and you will know everything about, also it's a good learning experience...
ohh boy, the first time you get 'hacked' because you left open a port and service you should not have. fun times!

Anyway, i prefer real a VPS, even if it's a bigger investment in time at first.

I've been using you for a year with no problems. Their VPS is really fast, all of the using SSD-s and it shows in the performance. Also really cheap 4 euro / month and you've got a decent system, at least much better than any shared hosting can give you.

I suggest Linode, they have amazing documentation for setting everything up, their servers are lightning fast up and I haven't had a single issue with them. Here is a page where you can download from their various servers to make sure you'll have a fast enough connection from wherever you are -