Good VPN these days?

What's the best VPN to use these days? I've used PIA before and What.CD as a seedbox and a vpn with openvpn. I'm unsure if I want to keeping using them, to see if there are better options.

What VPNs do you guys use and why?

Freedome, because of black friday discount.

You cant use BitTorrent in all countries because Merica.
Works in smart phones.

Well the no bit torrent is kinda... lame :/

Does anyone else have any suggestions? I'm starting to think I might just go back with PIA they seemed good.

Ive had a good experience with AirVPN. They do everything you want.


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It's illegal to run any illegal BitTorrent traffic in US or in any US based service even if its in another country. So its either complete block or they look into your stuff to figure out if its illegal or not.

Doesnt matter if its PIA, Air, or Nord ..and I find it strange how no one mentions this, and I basically did read it in F-Secure forum by accident.

That's generally the case for everything, in any country. However im assuming hes asking for privacy reasons and not to conduct illegal activity, since a VPN its self is perfectly legal, and thats what this discussion is about.

Nobody Cares. If the gov tells you to throw yourself under train, are you going to do it?

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Was going to mention exactly those two.
AirVPN has native Linux client so you don't have to dick around with text files. But only 3 connections per account. ;(

NordVPN has some Double Data Encryption which is supposed to make things more secure.(No idea how)

Thanks for all the help guys, I'm gonna try both Air and Nord vpn and then stay with the better of the two.

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