Good upgrade?

sinds i have upgraded my gpu from a gt 220 to a r9 270 i'm getting some problems and i have some idea's.

i have a i5 750 non ocable and a micro atx motherboard (stupid dell:(). the problem that i have is heat and noice. i don't like to run my parts hotter than 65C and i prefer 60C. i have 20c in my room and in my case during bioshock it's so hot that i can't put my hand in it cuz it's really hot. there is totaly no airflow in my case. it's good to upgrade your gpu if you have an older system but i can't stand the noice and heat. will this be a good option

i'm also getting a os but that's free:)

will this be good? upgrading the rest in 2 years and i may watercool the cpu with a fat rad in the front (not the i5 750 but the newer cpu)

i really want a ssd. you get me if you have bf4. it takes 40sec to load a map-_-. i'm gonna use the older hdd that i have (1tb seagate barracuda, pretty load) for windows and stuff for school and the new one for games. ssd for main games and linux.


r9 270 runs at 65-85c thats normal those parts look perfect (if you can stand the brown fans) but thay are very good fans and most importantly silent when you have the low noise adapters fited.