Good sub woofer under 200

Hey guys ive been stealing my dads infinity bu-120 sub woofer and he is starting to use his man cave again so he wants it back. so does anyone have any recommendations on similar a better sub woofer? the only thing it needs to have the RCA red and white connector on it.

side note- on the back it says its a 250watt but the ones online ive seen say 150watt. 


Can't beat it for the price


wow thanks for the fast reply. however its only 100 watts. i love to shake the walls with the music i play. will this 100 watt still be powerful enough to do that? also i noticed that the speaker ia only an 8inch when my dads is a 12 inch. does any of this make a difference? 

The bigger the sub the more air it will be able to move so stronger bass/lows. Now if you ant to do better you will have to get in the $300 range. If you can find a used PSB, Definitive Tech , KEF or Sunfire for under 200 or less get it.



I have this sub and it is awesome and super loud. I've heard it does lack a bit in larger living rooms though, so if you want that crazy wall-shaking bass, I'd look for something bigger than an 8"

I forgot at about BIC didn't realize they where that cheap they ain't bad subs. I have heard the bass can be a little muddy though. But for sub $200 new it isn't bad

i got this one

thanks for the help taco bell, a knives, and tacopat 

Subwoofers are all about the size of the driver, this 12" will go lower for less money