Good Streaming CPU

I currently have an AMD 955(OC-4.0 mhz). And was wondering if a better processor would be better. I am getting good frame rate until i open up xsplit or start streaming with ffsplit. It's annoying. I want to be able to play my game in 60fps and stream at 30ish. Would a FX-8350 work? I have to buy a new motherboard so if I need to switch to intel I could.. Price range is 300ish

I can't find any solid information if XSplit works well with 8 core CPUs. It would definately be better than your current setup but I'm not sure if it would really take advantage of the chips high number of cores. 

Alternatively, there are products that assist in streaming, here is a review on a piece of hardware by a popular (notorious) streamer Destiny:

Something to consider.

price rane means 8350, so get an asrock extreme 4 and a big heatsink, like the thermalright silver arrow or noctua nh-d14

Well all I can say is that Iv got a I7 2700k and I can stream fine at however many fps, I can render some stuff at the same time

I've been looking all day. About the Avermedia thing, I'd rather not spend that much money on something that does one thing. Thanks anyway! And if you find anything about the 8350 please tell me :D

But would it work? 100%