Good SSD ~$200

Hey guys my coworker is looking for a good SSD around 240GB+ for his workstation he'll be doing photoshop and gaming. I look at the Sandisk Extreme 240gb and they look good. Any other recommendations for that size?

how many PCI-E 16x/8x/4x slots does he have free?

this is like WAAAAAAAY faster

He has enough pci-e slots. He has this mobo. I dont want to have to figure out how to set all that up. I feel like just a normal drive would be perfectly fine. But yeah it is crazy fast haha.. I was looking at the samsung 830 now everything is saying thats good.

be sure to upgrade firmware before OS installation

Alright.. I'll look into it thanks man... I've been reading up on sandforce controllers and read that theyre good with the latest firmware but marvell, intel, samsung based ones have always been good.