Good Soundcard?

Just wondering what good sound card would be/cost.


CPU: FX-8350

Motherboard: ASUS M5899FX

GPU: Asus GTX 660

PSU: Corsair TX 750 M

RAM: Corsair Vengeance 8 GB

If you can send me a link to your motherboard that would be good, because that model u listed doesnt exist :) Also, what speakers/headphones are you using. If they are really bad then you won't notice much of a difference.

Also, are you focused more on games or more on music (or 50/50).

For a good sound card you are looking at around $150 or so, depending on what you want and how much you are willing to pay.

I won't make any recommendations until i know your motherbaord and know if you want to use it more for gaming or music. :)

If you're using a stereo setup, maybe just look into a decent external DAC. You can get a pretty decent one at a affordable price point. I can't really give any specific recommendations but if you snoop around head-fi or avsforums I'm sure you could develop some prospects.

If you'd rather go the internal soundcard route and have the money, I've been reading some good reviews for Creative's "X-Fi Titanium HD" card (around $150). Although, I'm sure there are cheaper alternatives that may suit you just as well. 

Yeah, a DAC won't be that great for games though. In the $150 range you'd either want the x-fi titanium HD if you were more focused on gaming or else the Xonar Essence ST or Xonar Essence STX are probably better if you are more interested in music.

If you do go the DAC, get the Fiio e10. Its pretty cheap (less than $100) and gives some nice juice. I have one and it works great. i know it gets reccommended quite alot on head-fi and the like.

Yeah sorry guys I was using

speech recognition and It screwed up-motherboard is a M5A99FX

and what headphones/speakers are you using at the moment. (or which ones are you thinking of upgrading to if you are gonna do that)