Good ROM for Moto X 2013

Pretty much looking for a ROM that has the same features as with stock. Some features i really need are the shake to open camera and saying ok google now with the always listening function. Thanks

The problem is that when i updated to lollipop, my device has gotten really slow. Maybe i can revert back to kitkat. But i prefer not to
be aware though that you most likely void your warranty (if any remaining) if you root it and run a custom rom. Or there is the cyanogenmod route - very simple to install and setup.
also follow instructions carefully.

google now - just download the google now launcher

I have already done everything necessary, such as rooting and unlocking bootloader and installing twrp, but thanks anyway.

About the google now launcher, does it let me keep the functions that my normal moto x rom has? like shake to open camera and always listening function with ok google?


my mistake, i thought the Ok Google Launcher was a rom lol, anyway. The reason i want to change roms is because my phone lags a lot more than when i had KitKat. When i updated to Lollipop it started to lag very often, will cyanogenmod let me keep the functions that are i already have on stock motorola rom?

It will lack the proprietary applications, as will any custom rom. Check out videos of cyanogenmod, I think the only thing you'd miss would be the Sony camera app. Cyanogenmod camera or google camera does what it needs to for all intents and purposes.
What may be worth trying before you do flash another rom is to run a CPU tweak tool so you can change clock speed plus the governors: has information on what does what.

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(replying to your edit) If lag is your problem then have you tried clearing the cache partition?(I believe its in fastboot, but I'm android noob so I don't know the words). I followed this tutorial on my Moto G since "upgrading" it to Lolipop turned it into a unuseable laggy mess(bad battery life too). So far my G has been faster without the long pauses of lag, and the battery is probably better too but I haven't properly tested it. Apparently Both the Moto X and Moto G have this problem after upgrading.

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One of the first things i have done after updating to lollipop was to clear the cache, but when i rooted my phone. It seems there is no option for twrp to wipe cache without a complete factory reset