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Good resources to learn about enterprise hardware/software

Hey all, so I’ve recently been promoted to R&D specialist at AVA (yay) where i will now be guiding the company to new horizons. My knowelege in fabrication, gaming, and pushing the envelope in general got me here but I’m lacking knowledge on enterprise in both software and hardware. I know more than the average joe but I feel that’s no longer good enough if i want to innovate I need to learn.

Essentially I’m trying to gather a pool of Resources and then determine where further schooling may be needed (feel free to suggest certs however this isn’t my main focus) and what i can learn on the web. I apologize if anything is overly vague frankly I lack enterprise experience so i need direction.

What am I looking for exactly? I’m looking to find the best resources to learn the following:

ESXI VMware, ive been using this for an existing solution we offer (multi user VR) I need to learn more so I can impliment it on new projects.

Linux (again with focus on enterprise and professional use) a way to learn what versions are typically used when and how they work. I only understand basic desktop usage in Ubuntu and mint lol.

A better understanding on server/cluster use cases so i can better tailor hardware/software solutions.

I’m also open to suggestions for things not covered in this list to better understand enterprise and professional use cases.

For certification, I recommend getting your Linux + certification. That will cover your basics. Unfortunately it is a COMPTIA cert. I hate giving them any more money than I have to.

If you also dislike COMPTIA, I would look into SUSE’s SLES certification or Red Hat’s RHEL certification. Even though I prefer SLES in the enterprise world, I have only seen it at one place that I have worked at in the USA. I hear that they have more of a foot print in Europe.

VMware actually has a certification. You may want to look in the Sybex “Mastering VMware X” series. Granted, their certification is beaucoup Freedom Currency so, you may want to have your company pay for that one.

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Think I’ll pick up that vmware book. If for nothing else but the production team to have a quick reference.

As far as the certs go its the training material for them that interests me more than the cert. That said, looked at the Linux+ courses most seem elementary… I want something that can also help me handle the troubleshooting end of things. Trainingcamp looks like they cover that area? Thoughts on their prep material?

I don’t know much about them but you could look into the LPIC Certifications?

I’m currently doing RHEL with my Organisation. I completed the RH124 in February and will be doing RH134 in November.

I did learn quite a bit in the RH124 so I would recommend that if you can get on it.

My coworker is doing LPIC right now