Good reasources to learn about Networks, the Internet and other CS topics

With the freedom and space from moving out on my own has come a thrist for knowledge and adventure, and the area of interest chosen has been the talking metal, the thinking sand, those that contain the magic smoke, none other than computers!!! I already have a small home lab/network thats been running for a few months now comprising of a nas and router.

i’ve began upgrading a few things with dreams of grand expansion. but with these dreams have come nightmares (mostly around the router) of what could go wrong. I feel I have began run before i learnt to crawl and have arrived at the peak of mount stupid. i see before me a long fall and it seems my ambitions have no intention on stopping.

to help me avoid some of the more pointy and sharp bits on the way down i thought it a good idea to understand networking and the internet. but with so many options i have no clue where to start. so following the words of the friendly janitor wendell i’ve come to see if the friendly people over at the level one forums can point me in the right direction.

i’ve began a home lab/network and I’m looking for good reasources to learn more about Networking, the internet and other relevent CS topics. be they websites, videos or books (preferably not books as they are expensive and hardware has already eaten much of my wallet).
I fear i’m at the precipice of Mr Dunning’s and Mr Kruger’s mountain and may be about to have a great fall, such a fall that even all the king’s horses and all the king’s men couldn’t put me back together agian.

any help as to what resourses are best to learn some of these topics would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks AnotherOnlineAlias

Time to put your library card to good use…(or however you get literature).

  • computer networks, Tanenbaum et al.
  • CCNA, CCNP cert materials
  • Unix programing environment by Kernighan and Pike
  • Unix network programming and advanced programming in the Unix environment
  • TLPI by Kerisk

… Since you have the hardware, you can play with VMs or containers trying stuff out.

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Might learn some good stuff here.


Thanks both of you for the resources will get started there

Great list!
Tanenbaum I remember from university and lartc I’ve used many times in the past. I recently wanted to look up something but forgot the name of lartc. Thanks for reminding me

On my personal list to learn is also OpenVSwitch:

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