Good quality + durable ear buds around $40-$80

Im looking at Tweaked Audio.
I just need some for multiple hours at a day on Campus.

As far as durabilty and audio quality, a nice bump up from apple stock is fine with me

Do you want ear buds or headphones?

again, to be specific, ear buds

Can't go wrong with the VE Monk+. Just about everyone at Head-Fi is raving about their sound quality (there's a 400+ page thread there on the various VE earbuds as a result of one reviewer trying the original Monks) and at $5 you can buy several sets with that budget.

Or you can go for the best possible audio and get the VE Asura 2.0 for that $80 upper limit.
If you do that, you'd better have an amp. The Asuras have a 150Ω impedance which is a bit much for a phone or regular MP3 player.

I've been using the Sennheiser Momentum in-ear for about a year or so now. I personally love them and you should be able to find some in your price range. They're pretty durable as well, as they have steel channels that the music comes out of instead of plastic. The have and inline mic and volume control with both an Android and an iOS variant. Included you also get a carrying case which is quite sturdy and three different cover sizes so they should fit your ears perfectly.

you can buy decent ones from china for 6 dollars on ebay :p

I suggest the Sennheiser CX300II or Sennheiser in general in that price range (I think the CX 3.00 is the new model). They're pretty durable (a pair of CX175 I owned got washed and still worked after), they have a decently balanced sound and the price is reasonable for a pair of earbuds that are going to be abused (the CX 3.00 are around 40$ if I recall correctly).

im going in the direction like @The_Cable

i use 19.99€ in-ear buds all the time. they survive almost everything even being washed. and when they eventually die i buy a new pair for exactly 19.99€. doenst matter if from panasonic or sony

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Monoprice FTW

For $40 to $50, M6 pros

Last I checked those are IEMs, not ear buds. Seeing as the OP stressed the "buds" part, I assume he's aware of the difference and looking for stuff that looks like this :

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Oh didn't know there was a difference...

Well, you do now. ;-)

A lot of people aren't aware of the difference. Basically IEMs sit in your ear canal, earbuds in the outermost part of the ear.

This page, which explains the difference, has links to other articles at the bottom. I'm seeing 2 there where an IEM is called an earbud. That's how often people get it wrong. And that's a site called earbud addict, so you'd expect them to know the difference.

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Sound magic E10s.

been through my washer 5 times now, my dryer twice. Used daily for 2+ years, no shorts (most buds the connector shorts within 8 months, my record for not going a short was 1 year of constant use)

I'm blown away by their build quality, their sound quality is pretty good too, just a bit lacking on the bass.

Hey all, quick follow up -
A lot of Sennheiser in ear headphones advertise an emphasis on bass. I don't want the sound to be skewed high or low.
I've owned beats before, and have grown to hate when he speakers throw mud on everything. Are the senns as bad?

Also, I stand corrected @CaptainChaos
I'm looking for IEMs!

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Well under your price range, but if you can find Xiaomi Piston 2's. They sound better than anything I have ever heard. Including some +100$ earbuds.