Good PSU?

I have a prebuilt computer from cyberpowerPC and they provided me with a " HMW 600W ATX power supply " I want to know if this power supply is any good or if i should replace it. It is 80+ Bronze. Model XG-H600

Typically, you can trust a PSU if it has 80+ bronze or better. It is a standard of quality after all. I am unfamiliar with that brand however.

My main rig has a Corsair HX750i. Three reason for buying, 7 year warranty, Semi-passive so ultra-silent operation and high efficiency.


80+ certifications doesnt realy tell anything about the quality.
If a psu has an 80+ certification doesnt mean that they are trust worthy.

I allready tried to find any information about the HMW psu, but i couldnt find any.
So its most likely a cheap chinees B product or what not.

If that were the case then why do we all care so much about it? That's not saying 80+ bronze or better definitely means quality, but standards exist to at least imply what you'll be getting. Of course, you need to know the brand you're dealing with so that cert had some history to it, which is why I told OP I've never heard that brand.

those 80+ certifications only tells us how efficient those psu´s,
are under a certain amount of load.

Yes, but my point was that efficiency implies quality. I've never known any complicated tool to have a certain amount of efficient without having a proportional level of quality. Again, that's not an absolute, but you can ball park from it.

That's BS, Tek_Elf. Efficiency does not imply quality, sadly. The whole certification stuff is not something you should invest too many emotions or € into. There's also Haswell-ready certification going on, and other PR stuff. SLI-Certification for example. 80+ still sounds to me, like they measure "golden samples".

The soldering job can still be shite. The 80+ stuff is nice, but imo it's more important to look for a good produced unit. Seasonic never, at all, failed on me. I am biased towards them, I gotta admit.
About Corsair: The newer RM-Series seems weird. My buddy had 4 mining rigs with Corsair RM1000. One died. He said the soldering wasn't the best. But I never saw it. I still use a TX650, I just had to clean it. The soldering is not as good as my X-1050 by Seasonic, but it also cost me half.

PSUs of one series don't have the same built and component quality across the wattages.

I would never cheap out on a psu. It is connected to everything, and can destroy everything if something wasn't soldered right. Often times cheap PSUs can't handle the current they are rated at, overheat, shorten, etc.

A place I look at about PSUs is jonnyGURU.

It's not BS that efficiency implies quality, it does. Bad tools do sloppy jobs. However, if you want to question the certification that's implying the efficiency in the first place, be my guest. But that's why I said "generally" and added that you need to know your brand. The cert matters because it's supposed to mean something; why else does every PSU I ever see recommended have a cert and every non cert PSU prove more problematic? I simply meant my first comment to say that if it has a rating then there's at least x amount of trust behind the product, not that it's a gold stamp of approval. You're totally right that a bad egg can come from a good hen, though, and that's what ratings are for.

Efficiency and quality are proportional all to a certain degree...

I didn't try to argue against good tools often being efficient, more against the certification and it being worthless and a "cash grab" by the ones who have the authority to sell the stamp to you.
The certification is a joke (imo), since nobody actually checks the devices you send out, as far as I can tell by what's found on their website. (
They pretty much service a badge for the PR guys to slap on their product.
If your device is good, and you know it, you don't have to certify it so it has some shiny badge on it.

But we're getting off topic here.

What does he want: A PSU. What can we tell him to get: I like Seasonic. OP, buy Seasonic, because I like them
Overall: Do a little research. It's fun to learn about how the PSU works, which parts are more important than others, and how much actually is just some mumbo jumbo. Like the power rail thing. People can argue about this for hours. I couldn't care less about how many times they grab 12V DC from 220V AC. They could do that at least what? Like 12 to 15 times? Who cares.

yes and no.

a psu with a 80+ certification can still be totaly rubbish.
Like i said, it basicly just tells us how efficient they are at a certain point on load.
They are tested for that, but still it doesnt mean that they are also reliable.

Like i said i cant find any usefull information about that particular psu.
But of course that doesnt mean, that its not decent.

Agreed. I recommend the OP pick up a CX 750M at least. If possible, a Seasonic X750

Terrible PSU and nothing out of the ordinary to be honest for pre-built PC's.
2x 12v rails @ 24amps each. 1~24 & 8pin and the other rail for the pcie lanes - 24amps is good for low to midrange gpu's at best.
OP do yourself a favour and replace with a quality unit. Something like this > cheap and high quality.