Good Power Supplies?

What are some good power supplies that are under $80. I've just returned a corsair CX600 because it was DOA. I cannot finish my build without one currently. I've checked out the ocz modxstream but the reviews scare me a little. Any recommendations will be great help. Thanks.


Definitely the Lepa G 650 or Seasonic G 550 for a single GPU system. Fantastic build quality, low ripple, and plenty of watts and amps on the 12V rail for any single GPU, even overclocked.

I typically stay away from OCZ in genneral, make sure the PSU you get has single rail, that means one 12v rail with high amps, and 80+ certified, I would read up on hardware review sites like hardware secrets where they actually take them appart and see whats inside them, cosair PSU are typically good PSUs but you still get a dead one from time to time.

my personal favorite budget PSUs are the Rosewill Green/Capstone/Tachyon/Fortress series PSUs, Rosewill gets a lot of flak for being a inhouse company but they do make some really good products, its just not every single line is good, however the lines I mentioned are, they got tons of awards from places like Hardware secrets and anandtech and whatnot, I've used over 60 units of those lines Personally and recommended thousands online

but if you got the dough Seasoninc, NZXT, and XFX are really good too

+1 on that list. I like to Rosewill Hive series. Also, if I might add, the Antec HCG line is also very good.


ya I typically stayed away from rosewill but now I think I'll check em out. I've looked at thr corsair 650tx which seems nice and the corsair cx600m. The Tx is just under 80 with Mail and Rebate. I guess I'm willing to stretch my budget a little since i dont want my core components frying up. Buying a PSU is so scary...

One word: Lepa. LEPA.

Nothing like Lepa build quality for the price. The Lepa G 650 is essentially the perfect PSU for the price, just under $80, if you don't mind the 4+4 pin EPS and 24 pin mobo pawer being hard-wired up to the unit.