Good or bad rig?

This will be my first gaming computer and my first time building a computer. I'll be playing bf4, rust, minecraft, skyrim, metro: last light, and a few others.









CD thingy:


Now I have some questions. Whats the difference between the i5-3570 and the i5-3570k? Also I don't think I need a gtx 780? Would a like 770 be good? Or maybe this 760 . Would all this work together? And the last question is, Would I need a cpu cooler? If so what is a good one.

The difference between the 3570 and 3570k is that the K chip is overclockable. Basically you can increase the speed from 3.4ghz to (example) 4.0ghz. Most all chips can go past 4.0ghz (very low overclock) but to go up any, it requires an aftermarket cooler which are pretty cheap, this is a very good one for only $30-$40: 

Your build should all work together just fine. I'd recommend using a newer Processor and Motherboard like the 4670k. Its an I5 that is just a generation newer than yours. You can get it here: If you get that processor you also need a compatible motherboard like this one:

I would also advise getting the best graphics card you can. You don't need a Gtx 780, but if you get the Gtx 780 you won't have to replace it as soon as if you bought the Gtx 760. I'd also encourage you to look into an Amd processor and motherboard combination like this: It will be much stronger than the Intel Processor and Motherboard, weather its the 3570k or 4670k combination, the Amd will be stronger into the future.