Good office chair for working on PC

Can someone suggest a comfortable leather chair for long-term work at the computer so that the back does not get tired. .

I’m not sure about leather, but you can’t go wrong with a steelcase leap or herman miller aeron. They can be had on the used market for reasonable prices. Check locally to see what you can pick up.


We have a WFH thread with lots of suggestions and recommendations in there.

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Before spending a lot on a chair make sure your desk is set up for it.

My current desk has the monitor and keyboard pushed to the back so I would need to roll the chair in very close. But the arms on the chair don’t allow it. So I end up leaning forward and as a result the chair hardly matters. I could be sitting on a backless stool.

I could rearrange the monitor and keyboard but then I have nowhere to put paper. Or I could get a new desk with more space under it but then I would need separate file cabinets.

Sometimes I just want a chair with a built-in monitor arm and keyboard/mouse tray. Heh.

In summary: Make sure your environment will let you make use of whatever expensive chair you might purchase.


A good an pretty standard office chair I can recommend is IKEA Markus.

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I second the “Herman Miller Aeron” as the gold standard. You can find similar mesh chairs on Amazon/Office Depot for less than half the price on sale. Also, I recommend buying the inline skate wheels to replace the standard wheels for the chair. You can get these kits of Amazon for roughly $25 for the 5 wheels. It makes them so much easieer to roll around and less damage to the floors.


Agree with @Adubs, First leather is not a good material to sit on while shirtless/pantless/both?, especially in the hot Summer, also note that Leather will lose it’s color and will wrinkle and chip away - my Parents are still sad about their genuine leather couch in the living room, they since replaced it (no leather).

Regarding the chair alternatives, I bought the Aeron chair by Herman Mille and returned it after couple of days due to immense lower back pain it have caused me! also while sitting on it I couldn’t feel my thighs, apparently some people can’t sit on mesh sits, sadly I’m one of those… other then that the chair is sturdy, looks impressive, its a mesh so its very cold to sit on - but as I said its not for everyone, the customer support is great you have like 2 weeks to bring it back at 100% refund.

The chair I’m using today is Steelcase Leap v2 with a headrest, much better priced, a lot more ergonomic, its not a mesh! and the lower back support and armrests are superior to the Aeron! I paid less on this chair and custom built it! chose all the different colors and materials, I like customising things I buy :smiley: also this chair removed my lower pain completely!

Now I’m waiting for my Steelcase Migration desk order, apparently it’s not enough to have an awesome chair, if your desk is at the wrong height for you, your still not going to feel right.

Last suggestion: while looking for a new chair at the store, sit on the chair in front of a desk for an hour or more… Don’t believe the seller, if it doesn’t feel right - it won’t feel better after you buy it! :smiley:


If you want chair for long-term work then i would say you have to go for any ergonomic chair as they are high enough to support our back and maintain our spine’s posture which prevent us from back pain health problems which are usually common in regular chairs if we use them for long term work.

Herman Miller. “.”
Had one GF a good few years ago, who got her hands on an Sayl series chair. It is a bit bulky for my likings, but yes, it was surprisingly comfy-AF. I did get my hands on an Aeron, as I was fixing up my 1st home - WORTH IT!? [small btw, do match up sizing against yourself, as multiple model builds exists]

Oh, that could be dangerous.

I was setting up my home office oct-nov 2019, and ended up buying a steelcase gesture - I don’t regret it one bit.

It feels incredibly solidly built and super comfortable and the armrest articulation is awesome for my thick IKEA countertop desk and keyboard swapping (due to multiple people using it).

Now, my significant other seems like will be working from home permanently, and most likely I will too. And because of frequent meetings we probably won’t be able to share the home office room (formerly second bedroom) for any significant amount of time… and I envy her for being able to use the office more because of the chair and nice screens for her thin client pc, and she envies me for having a laptop to work from the sofa or garden (recently upgraded wifi)

The steelcase gesture is not very portable, it’s heavy - you do not want to have to carry that sucker e.g. daily.

I picked a light color scheme for the chair - to not take away the visual space from the room - that was a good idea.


I have not updated my home office furniture for a while, so this is a ‘long term’ review.
I got a Nightingale CXO ‘Extreme Comfort’ chair back in 2008.
The closest current model is the CXO 6200.
Memory foam ‘ENERSORB’ seat and a mesh back.
I didn’t use it all that much for probably 8 years, but have been for the last 4. especially for the last year and a half.
Comfortable, adjustable. Worth every penny, after almost 13 years. Would buy again.
My desk is an Ikea Bekant height adjustable base with a 32x64" rectangular top, laminate wood grain.
Plenty of room for two setups ( work and personal ) and an assortment of speakers and pi gizmos.

I have had an HM Aeron at work for a long time. It’s ok. Not nearly as comfortable as the CXO.

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