Good OC ram for X58

Have 240 pin 3x2 6g 1600 MHz(forgot the name). Sence I'm changing my GPU, and heatsink was thinking the RAM too. 


Could a 3x4 12g 2133 MHz benefit me with Evga X58 SLI? Could OC passed 1600 MHz, but I don't want the blue screen if my MB only can register 1600 MHz. ??


x58 should run DDR3 1866 MHz easily in a single triple channel, with a little baseclock overclock you could probably pretty easily get a single triple channel of 2133 MHz to run.

This work? 2000 MHz gives me enough room to OC 21x muit 200 bus

The previous set of RAM you listed should work fine if you change the baseclock and memory divider correctly.

Understand thanks.

Last question.

Quad channel Ram is better for over all x58 gaming performance? I'm using hyper Kingston triple 3x2 memory now.